Solar Panel Cleaning Terms & Conditions

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Here at CLEANMADE AUSTRALIA, we want all our clients to understand our service expectations. We feel it is important to be fully informed of the services and their expectations. Please fully review and let us know if you have any questions or concerns about any information contained in our agreement. We recommend you verify that you read and understood the terms and conditions agreement before we commence any work.

Description of Binding Agreement & Definitions

These terms and conditions serve as a binding agreement between the property owner, tenant, hereby identified as “Client” and CLEANMADE AUSTRALIA and its owners, employees, and franchisees, hereby identified as “Company,” for the execution or services in exchange for payment for residential or commercial maintenance services. The services that we (Company) provide to you are subject to the following terms and we reserve the right to update the terms and conditions any time without notice to you. You can review the Terms and conditions by clicking on the Terms and conditions links via our website, email communications, or any other communications such as quotes or invoice links.

Franchise Allocation.

By accepting this quote and booking the service, the Customer further agrees to have engaged the franchise chosen by us (Company) for the provision of the services and agrees to be liable to that chosen franchise for the fees quoted.

Risks & Release of Liability

Our (Company) Franchises are well trained in the equipment used in the home maintenance industry and take extreme precautions in making sure they do not cause harm to your investment. We (Company) use safe techniques with the use of low pressure on delicate surfaces. However, damage can still occur to any delicate surface due to poor maintenance, neglect of the property and low-grade building materials that do not comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Routine maintenance per the manufacture’s recommendations on the home’s surfaces should be implemented by the Client to avoid any potential defects. Prior to washing the home any areas of concern need to be addressed by the Client. This will prevent damage from occurring. The Client assumes all the risks and takes responsibility for any damage that occurs due to improper maintenance.

We (Company) are not responsible for damages due to improperly installed siding, loose roof tiles or siding, broken or opened windows, improperly sealed windows and doors, wood rot, defective construction, improperly secured wires, loose or improperly installed gutters, and leaders and improper caulking. On most of the surfaces, the sun and weather will bleach the colour or cause fading. Pressure washing, which entails the removal of chalky, gritty, or failing surface materials may cause the faded aspects to stand out. We (Company) will not be responsible for such conditions.

On the date of service, we (Company) will note any pre-existing damage in our (Company) database with photo evidence. If the Client is unavailable at the time of noted damage, we (Company) will note the absence in our database and take photos of noted damage. If the Client is unavailable at the time of completion, we (Company) will notify the client of any damage before work along with supporting documentation. If any new damage is found during the cleaning process, we (Company) will cease all cleaning efforts until the client is notified of the existing damage and acknowledge its existence.

The client will secure pets for their own safety and the safety of the technicians. Assuming your pet is harmless is unacceptable and must be secured at all times, so the job can be completed without the stress of injuring the pet or the Franchisee. We (Company) do not take responsibility for pets; they must be secured when we come to your home and we will take ZERO response of any issues. i.e., dogs running out due to a gate being left open.

Solar Panel Cleaning Acknowledgment

The client understands that Solar Panel cleaning is undertaken using a soft bristled purpose-built brush and purified water to achieve a streak free finish. Our (company) pricing is based per panel. We (Company) cannot hold any responsibility if stains are not removed post service and for any existing damage to the panels or any faulty panels or loose wiring that may be affected during the service. The client understands that solar panels should be properly maintained and cleaned (at a minimum) yearly to ensure peak performance. The client understands that we (company) will do our best to remove any build-up of dirt, lichen, mould, mildew, bird droppings and other debris on the panels if easily accessible.

Bird Proofing/Spiking Acknowledgement

The client understands that our solar panel bird proofing service is non-invasive and does not damage your panels. We (Company) do not drill or screw into the panels. A leaf blower is used to lightly remove as much mess, debris from underneath each panel before the mesh is installed. If dead birds or built-up nests, eggs and rubbish is present underneath the panels we (company) will do our best to remove as much as possible (access permitting) without disturbing the panels or any wiring.  The high-quality mesh/ netting is then installed around the perimeter of the panels and secured using specially designed fasteners. We (Company) at our sole discretion may leave a 10mm lip at the bottom of the panels to allow for any leftover debris to flush out during the rain.

Roof & Pressure Cleaning Acknowledgment

We (Company) perform a quick inspection prior to works to identify any major and or minor issues on your roof (i.e., broken tiles, defective sealing, etc.). Photos before and after are always taken and sent to the client upon request. We (Company) will also inspect the pointing, caps and ridges. If the Franchisee understands that it needs re-pointing prior to the start, they will provide you with a quote for it. Some of these issues can be fixed or addressed by us (Company) with prior arrangements. The client understands that we (Company) are not a roofing company and the inspection provided is a courtesy. The client understands that a roofing professional should be contacted if any major concern about the inspection. The client also understands we (Company) are not responsible for any issues related to this inspection.

Pressure Cleaning Acknowledgement

The Client understands that Pressure Cleaning is a cleaning service, and we cannot hold any responsibility if stains are not removed after the pressure service.


A. The Client can make a booking enquiry either by telephone, email or on the Company website or affiliated trading sites. Any enquiry made on the website will only be scheduled upon the completion of a phone call, email confirmation and reply to that email.
B. At the time of booking the Client must provide details of any hazards, slippery surfaces, risks or dangers, ingrained dirt, grease, or grime located at the Premises;
C. We (Company) provide all quotations at the time of booking in good faith and with the information provided by The Client. If any information is not provided at quoting, we (Company) reserve the right to alter the price of The Service.
D. The Client agrees to provide us (Company) with their valid credit card details at the time of booking, or on the day of the service and authorises us (Company) to debit any card with an amount equal to any service and/or cancellation fees that may apply under this Agreement.
E. We (Company) reserve the right not to accept a booking at its sole discretion.
F. The Client must inform us (Company) at the time of booking if they have specific requirements related to allergies or issues with specific cleaning products and other arrangements can be made prior to the service taking place.
G. We (Company) use standard pricing is based on and outlined in the description on your quote, any extras or additional works required will be quoted onsite by technician for an additional fee.

Exclusions & Limitations

A. The only conditions and warranties which are binding on, the Company in respect of the state, quality or condition of goods and services supplied by us (Company) to Clients are those imposed and required to be binding by statute (including Competition and Consumer Act 2010).
B. To the extent permitted by statute, the liability, if any, of the Company is, at, Company option, limited to and completely discharged by the resupply of the Service. ,

We (Company) are not responsible for:

  • Not completing or providing the Service as a result of a breach of our Customer Service Agreement by the Client (including a failure by the Customer to provide proper materials, cleaning equipment, utility services, a safe working environment or unencumbered access to the Premises); or
  • Any damages caused by defective materials or equipment provided by the Client.
  • Any damages caused by bad seals around windows and doors, cracks in concrete foundations, and lack of waterproof.
  • Not completing or providing the Service as a result of our Franchisees (Company) not proceeding for health and safety reasons.
  • Any loss or damage incurred by the Client or any third party as a result of the effects of a force majeure, being any event beyond the reasonable control of, the Franchisees (Company).
  • Not completing or providing the Service due to an act or omission of the Client or any other person at the Premises during provision of the Service;
  • Existing dirt, rust, wear, damage or stains that cannot be completely cleaned or removed;
  • Any wear or discolouring of surfaces becoming more visible once dirt has been removed;
  • Any loss incurred as a result of any breakage or damage to goods, items of value or the Premises; or
  • The cost of any key replacement or locksmith fees, unless keys were lost by, the Company.
  • Except as provided in this clause, all conditions and warranties implied by law in respect of the state, quality or condition of the Service which may apart from this clause be binding on,
  • Company are excluded.
  • The Client acknowledges that the results of any services provided may vary depending on a number of factors (including materials used, equipment provided, time elapsed since Premises was last cleaned, and the nature of services required), and that, we (Company) gives no guarantee as to the actual results certain marks and/or stains.
Client Representations and Warranties

The Client represents and warrants that:

A. They will provide a safe working environment at the Premises for the technician to perform the Service;
B. We (Company) will have unencumbered and unobstructed access to those areas of the Premises requiring the Service;
C. They will provide us (Company) with access to all services and utilities (including hot and cold water, electricity, and rubbish bins) as required by us (Company) to provide the Service;
D. Any equipment and materials provided by the Client are safe, have not been tampered with and are in full working order;
E. The Client will advise us (Company) prior to the commencement of the Service of any hazards, slippery surfaces, risks or dangers, ingrained dirt, grease, or grime at the Premises;
F. The Client authorises us (Company) to use the Premises to provide the Service;
G. The Client will secure or remove all sensitive materials or items of sentimental value such as furniture, doormats and vehicles prior to the commencement of the Service.
H. The Client will secure all pets and children inside before and during the service – even though we love pets and Children we can’t be responsible for their safety while we are working.
I. The Client must inform us in advance about any area that needs special care or should be avoided, especially for issues related to water seepage or leakage.
J. The Client will not book other tradies on the same day to avoid any disruptions to the performance and service being undertaken.
K. The Client will ensure all windows and doors are shut tightly and properly sealed to avoid water seeping in during external services such as House Washing, Roof Cleaning, or Window Cleaning.
L. The Client acknowledges that they aren’t required to be home in order to receive the service as long as there is access to the property and that they are available via phone or SMS before and after works carried out to make final approval on the service completed and to make payment.

Health and Safety Risk

In addition to the obligations and warranties set out above, the Client acknowledges and agrees that:
A. We (Company) are entitled to undertake a job safety analysis before the commencement of any work to assess the health and safety risk at the Premises.
B. Abuse or assault, verbal or physical, will not be tolerated and legal action or criminal prosecution will be taken against any Client or 3rd party who is in breach of this subsection.

Acceptance of Terms

By accepting the quote, the client agrees to all the terms and conditions in this agreement. You authorise us (Company) to do the work as specified on the quote. You release our company from property damage unless negligence or wilful misconducts cause it. CLEANMADE AUSTRALIA is not responsible for damage to loose siding, paint, wood, trim, or windows that were previously noted as damage or found during the pre-inspection and noted in the company database.

Payment Terms

A. The Customer agrees to pay the estimated price quoted by us (Company) in full prior to or at the Service Time, unless otherwise agreed in advance with us.
B. If no payment has been made by the Service Time, we (Company) will use reasonable endeavours to contact the Customer for payment. In the event that the service has been cancelled, the Client must pay any cancellation fees or charges due. If the customer fails to make payment and the services have been carried out, we (Company) reserve the right to charge a (% amount at our (Company) sole discretion) surcharge during the first 7 days, thereafter legal action may be pursued.
C. Payments can be made via credit or debit card, bank transfer or in cash.
D. If the technician has been at the property and commenced the service and then you cancel for whatever reason we (Company) will deduct from the quote the amount of hours the technicians were onsite and or charge for the services rendered and a cancellation fee may also apply.


A. Unless specified otherwise, all prices and quotations are expressed to be GST INCLUSIVE amounts.
B. If GST is payable in respect of anything supplied to the Client under this Agreement, then the amount which the Client is obliged to pay for that supply (Original Amount) will (subject to the receipt of a valid tax invoice) be grossed up so that it results in, Company retaining the Original Amount plus any GST amount.


If the Client is dissatisfied for any reason with the Service provided, they must inform, us (Company) within 2 Business Days of completing the Service or, we will not guarantee and or rectify the service. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction where reasonably possible in its efforts to provide the Service and will endeavour to resolve a problem quickly and efficiently. However, we (Company) reserve the right to re-attend up to 7 business days after the complaint has been made, if real estate, owner, or management do not allow more than 48 hours for us (Company) to attend to the property then no refund will be given.  We will only return FREE OF CHARGE to services in which a FULL SERVICE has been completed. The Client holds the sole responsibility of entrance to the property and must provide a detailed list of required rectification points to us prior to and upon their arrival. In addition to the above mentioned it is a requirement that either the managing agent and or the client is present at the property and signs off on the rectification clean once their satisfaction has been met. Any rectification work is deemed complete if the above-mentioned requirements are not adhered to., We may, at our discretion, offer the Client either of the following options at its sole discretion:

A partial or full refund;
B. Re-supply of the Service without charge;
C. Such other remedy as deemed appropriate by us (Company).

The Company may not provide any of the above options if the property has been attended to by a third party before the Company has had a chance to rectify the issue or if adequate proof and information has been provided.

Loss or Damages Incurred

We (Company) will be obligated under our terms and conditions for any damage that was a direct result of error, negligence, or wilful misconduct. Damages must be discovered and reported to us (Company) within 48h of completion of service. The company will be allowed 3 days from the date of written receipt to inspect the premises and have the sole option in repairing or contracting repair to any damages that were the result of negligence.

Changes to this Agreement

A. We (Company) reserve the right to update or modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice and may do so by publishing an updated agreement on its website. Each updated agreement will take effect 24 hours after it has been published on the website.
B. The Client agrees that any use of the Service following any such change, whether as a single job or as part of a regular maintenance schedule, constitutes their agreement to follow and be bound by the terms and conditions as changed.


A. The Client agrees that if any term or provision is held invalid, void or unenforceable, then that provision will be considered severable, and the remaining terms and provisions shall continue to be binding.
24. Copyright the content of this Agreement is protected by international copyright laws and may be used for personal reference only. Subject to applicable law, permission to copy, alter, reproduce, and publish, transmit and/or otherwise distribute this content is forbidden without first obtaining the prior written permission from us (Company).
25. Other, we (Company) hold no responsibility for the loss, Damages, or any injury incurred as a result of the Client being at the site. If we (Company) deem the address where work is being conducted to be unsafe, slippery, and or incomplete until such work has been completed and or signed off by Franchisees in attendance. Clients have the right to inspect the property after such time that all work has been completed and is deemed to be safe by, us at our convenience. We (Company) take no responsibility for its contractors or subcontractors in any way or form. We have the right to report non-payment of services to either the Police or a credit reporting agency as it sees fit. We (Company) have the right at any point to review its customer Service agreement and make changes where it sees fit.