Time Saving Tips from Professional House Cleaners

Cleaning your house is a daunting task that could take all day. Depending on the size of your house and how big it is, sometimes deep cleaning may require you to plan well in advance. 

Also, you will need to get the cleaning equipment ready and have them on you as soon as you start the cleaning. 

House cleaning

Here are a few tips that will save you time while cleaning the house – 

Schedule the cleaning

In most cases professional cleaners schedule their cleaning in advance so that they can prepare for the procedure. This also allows them to get all the resources together and plan the cleaning. 

Cleaning the house a room at a time is a great way to clean the place but do it in a single day altogether. Cleaning different parts of the house on different days can severely slow down the process. When it comes to house cleaning Melbourne Cleanmade is hard to beat.

Prepare before you start

A good prep can make a world of a difference in your cleaning process. Before you even vacuum tidy up the house so that most of the places are reachable so that you can clean them easily. This increases your efficiency and also reduces the time taken to clean the whole house. House cleaning Melbourne has some of the best cleaner in Australia.

Dusting before you vacuum

When you dust your house some of it goes up in the air and then settles down after some time. Technically you want to dust your house before you even start vacuuming. This way you can get rid of all the dust in your house. If you do not dust before vacuuming you will have to vacuum again.

Clean as you go

Cleaning up after yourself is a great way to reduce clutter in your house. It also makes a world of difference when you clean your house later on. This way you can not only reduce your work while cleaning the house it also makes it a pleasant experience. 

House cleaner


You do not need professional grade tools to clean your house. IN most cases a bucket, cleaner and a pair of gloves should do the trick. We highly recommend wearing masks while dusting and you should also wear eye protection if there is a lot of dust. You should have the tools in hand and in order before you even start cleaning.

Group your supplies 

Always have all your supplies in a single bucket or tote bag. This way if you need anything it is only an arm’s length away. Professional cleaners always have everything ready on the go. It saves time and in the end time is money. If you are looking for house cleaners melbourne we will be more than happy to come and clean your house for you.

Don’t get distracted.

In this day and age it is very easy to get distracted. There are a number of things that can get in the way of you doing your task. Like every important thing you do, shut out all the things that can distract you while cleaning the house. This way not only will I be more concentrated on the task but also be able to focus solely on the task at hand. We are one of the best house cleaners Melbournehas have to offer.

Skip some things

Some things can be skipped altogether, for example you do not have to clean the dishes the day you are cleaning the house. If you clean your house on a weekly basis then something like cleaning the knobs and light fittings can take a back seat. 

Clean the ceiling and bathroom fittings first and then move on to smaller tasks in your house. This way you can concentrate on the stuff that needs to be cleaned and not the stuff that gets cleaned every week or so.

Clean the vacuum

Your vacuum is an indispensable tool when it comes to cleaning but you should also clean it once a while so that it can function properly. Replace the dust bag in it and clean out the fiter before you start using it. A bit of care here can go a long way. 

We at Cleanmade understand not all people have the time to clean their spaces themselves. So let us lend you a hand here and do the heavy lifting for you. Our House cleaners Melbourne are some of the best in the area and our professional house cleaning services are hard to beat.