Know how Acreage Lawn Care can help you recover your lawn after a hot summer.

Acreage Lawn Care – Do’s & Don’ts

Acreage Lawn Care Melbourne

Acreage Lawn care can be a cumbersome task, especially when it is subject to scorching summer sun. When summer sizzles, you end up trading the lush green for crisp brown, drought stress, insect feeding, soil compaction, and several other damages to the grass. Tending to an acreage lawn can prove to be unwieldy as it is susceptible to attack by weeds as well. The ideal thing to do is to hire lawn care services in Melbourne.

Why hire acreage lawn care service?

Need to tend to a large property after a hot summer? hiring an acreage mowing service provider offers you several benefits that include the following.

Prevent accidental damage

A large number of people are unaware of how to care for their lawns. The lack of knowledge can cause serious damage to their lawn. Due to under-watering, over-watering, cutting the grass too short, and so on. When you hire an acreage lawn care service, you avoid accidental damage to your property, this can be caused by ignorance or unprofessional lawn maintenance.

Prevent overexerting yourself

Acreage lawn care is a labor-intensive task that requires time and energy. It causes muscle soreness, minor injuries, sunburns, and several other problems when you overexert yourself, spending a day taking care of your lawn. Hiring professional mowing services Victoria can save you a lot of time and risk.

Save up on money!

Acreage lawn care requires a lot of equipment such as a lawnmower, leaf rake, lawn trimmer, shovel, among others. You could be spending more than what you pay to professional lawn movers if you buy all the equipment. To add to that, you could also damage your lawn accidentally. Though money may seem counterintuitive at first, you save a lot of money by hiring a professional if you don’t spend on equipment, chemical, and other necessary acreage lawn care products.


Professional lawn maintenance services are consistent, which ensures that your lawn is free from damage after a sizzling summer. When you hire a professional acreage lawn care service provider, they make sure that your lawn is cared for consistently. We handle any problem with ease, and since they show up as per schedule, your lawn is cared for always.

When you invest in a professional acreage mowing service provider, you can be assured that you get the best of the service that will increase the value of your property. One of the biggest mistakes property owners make is to carry out lawn care during summer. Lawn maintenance is vital if you want to keep your grass healthy and avoid summer destress.

What is summer destress of lawn maintenance?

An acreage lawn care service provider is a vital service to your lawn, especially if you want to keep it healthy after summer. Come summer, and your lawn experiences a lot of stress, which requires consistent professional help. Some of the summer destress problems that require professional help include

Drought Stress

Brown patches may appear in your lawn due to a lack of water in summer. If your lawn is experiencing drought stress, it can lead to browning, wilting grass, or even death. While many believe that drought stress can be handled by pulling the grass out, it is vital to understand that you can cause damage to your lawn. Learning the early signs of drought stress means you can help it before the damage is done.


Grass goes dormant as a protective measure during periods of hot and dry conditions. It can happen in summer as well as winter. When the grass receives sufficient moisture, its growth is slowed down causing it to go dormant. During this stage, the blade of the grass remains green, but prolonged dormancy can turn the grass brown. The grass is susceptible to stress when it shifts out of dormancy as it is depleted of food reserve. Hiring an acreage lawn care team to constantly service your grass will help.


Did you know that lawns can turn brown during summer due to insect infestation? Root-munching insects can make the grass very weak and turn them brown. Besides root-munching insects, other insects munch on grass blades and cause patches to appear on your lawn. The best method to insect control and decrease insect infestation is to hire a professional acreage lawn care team.

Lawn disease

This is prevalent during summer as the grass is stressed due to drought, making it more vulnerable to disease-causing organisms. Acreage lawn care is vital as lawn disease can wreak havoc and ruin your lawn completely. Besides summer, lawn disease is also caused by a tear in the grass this is caused by mowing with a dull blade and consistently watering after dark.

In addition to the above, many other acreage lawn care practices damage the grass and cause stress. Hiring lawn care services Melbourne can aid in reducing the damage caused to your lawn during and after summer, and keeping them healthy and green always.

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