Solar Panel Cleaning Melbourne Can Save You Money. Find Out How.

A professional solar panel cleaning

How You Can Save Money with Solar Panel Cleaning Services

A professional cleaning solar panels.

How does solar panel cleaning Melbourne save you money? Solar panels are composed of photovoltaic cells or modules to absorb the sun’s rays (photons). They then change them into electricity or heat. This process is called the photovoltaic effect. Usually, solar panels are made of crystalline silicon solar cells, arranged in a grid-like pattern on the panel.

Many companies are regularly researching and developing state-of-the-art solar panels to solve the energy crisis of the world. It also helps shrink the emission of greenhouse gases and tackle global warming.

What happens when solar panels become dirty?

Solar panels are long-lasting and wear out extremely slow. You can only expect a 2% decrease in the energy output in clean solar panels per year. However, these devices’ efficiency reduces considerably due to the collection of dust, grime, birds’ droppings, and pollen.

A study by Seamus Curran, associate professor of physics at the University of Houston, suggested that there can be a drop of about 30% of the efficiency in dirty solar panels. It usually happens in deserts and areas with a lot of dust and pollen. In this scenario, regular solar panel cleaning Melbourne maintains its functioning.

Google also undertook another experiment at its 1.6 MW solar farm. It revealed that cleaning solar panels is the best method of increasing electricity output. They even said that cleaning their 15-month old solar modules generated two times more energy than dirty ones. You may also book an annual solar panel cleaning services Melbourne to gain discounts and premium care.

How to clean solar panels?

Remember that booking a professional solar panel cleaning is crucial for sustaining their lives. Unskilled cleaners can do more damage than good to photovoltaic modules. In many cases, shabby cleaning results in a massive reduction in energy output. Clients had to reinstall the solar panels, which is a costly affair. The following steps are done by professional solar panel cleaners.

1. Shut the solar panel units

Before starting with the solar panel cleaning Melbourne, professionals always shut the system. If you have a DC power system, then the entire unit needs to shut down. On the contrary, in AC systems, you can switch off the power through the Solar Supply Main Switch.

2. Disconnect rainwater collection units or guttering system

If you have installed a rainwater harvesting system or guttering units attached to solar panels, disconnect them first. It will prevent the running down of dirty or soapy water from the panels to your rainwater tanks.

3. Conduct the cleaning task during a mild time of the day

Never go ahead with the solar panels cleaning during mid-day, when the outside temperature is highest. Solar panels are made of glass, which can cause them to become very hot when the sun is overhead. In this situation, water contact can cause a sudden change in temperature and crack the panels. So, perform the cleaning task either during the early morning or at dusk.

4. Use a hose with a suitable nozzle

It is better to clean the solar panels using a hose with a suitable nozzle. It maintains your safety and also helps remove dust, pollen and birds’ droppings.

5. Do not direct water on the under-surface of panels

Never spray water onto the back of solar panels. It may lead to damages to these products.

6. Use soap and cloth (if necessary)

If the panels develop stubborn grime, which does not loosen off with water. Then use a mild soap and a soft cloth to clean them. You may attach the cloth to a long plastic blade to complete the task.

7. Climb the roof with precaution

It may become essential to climb the roof. If so, undertake necessary measures to maintain safety. The ceiling becomes slippery in the presence of soapy water.

How can you save money with solar panel cleaning?

Everyone looks to save money after installing solar panels. You can, if you book a professional cleaning service in Melbourne. They enhance the efficiency of photovoltaic cells, retain its warranty, and prevent staining. Timely cleaning of solar panels also help in extending their life and saving money.

Do you know hiring cleaning services in Melbourne saves money?

Most of Australia’s professional cleaning services employ a highly skilled and experienced workforce. They have a thorough knowledge of the structure and functioning of solar panels. Next time, do not try to clean the panels yourself or leave them at the mercy of rain. Instead, book a professional cleaning service with a reputed agency to prevent damages, and save money in the long run.

Finally, it would be right to say that hiring professionals for cleaning solar panels is the right choice. You may also opt for an annual maintenance contract for your peace of mind.