House Gutter Cleaning is Important in Winter

Leaves out of house gutters

Having a healthy home requires that you have healthy and clean gutters. House gutter cleaning will help to direct any rainwater flow and snow runoff away from your home. If your gutter becomes clogged and fails to direct the drainage away from your home, you could experience structural damage to your home. People often think that house gutter cleaning must only be done in the fall or spring when there’s a greater likelihood of leaves and debris clogging the gutter or rains are heavier.

However, the winter months are usually the most important when it comes to house gutter cleaning. Making use of a professional gutter cleaning service during this time will keep your home healthy and protected. Why is it so important in the winter? Here are a few good reasons:

You’ll likely see the biggest clogs in winter

With leaves, dirt, and a lot more settling into your gutters over several months in the year, you will most likely find that your gutter has the biggest clogs during the winter months. With clogged gutters, there isn’t going to be any draining out of rainwater that will result in your roof getting flooded with water. This will result in your roof rotting as time passes, and the wet insulation can result in the growth of mould and mildew inside your house. Professional gutter cleaning service gets in the winter will help to get rid of such clogs.      

Heavy showers are bad news for your gutters

Winter storms aren’t a good thing for clogged gutters. Your gutters won’t be able to handle the flow of water and will most likely end up damaging your home. The impact of poor gutter maintenance in the winter months can make spring showers a lot worse for your gutters. Any rainwater that enters your gutters in the spring will pose a massive threat to your home if you haven’t carried out any gutter cleaning during the winter months. Any debris or fallen leaves that remain in your gutters following the winter months due to lack of cleaning will just make your home more susceptible to damage after the winter.        

Snowfall can damage your roof

With the winter comes a great deal of snow and a clean gutter is necessary to direct the snow away from your roof. When gutters aren’t cleaned, this snow cannot be directed away from the house. An accumulation of snow and ice in the winter is going to spell trouble for your home and your roof. With the snow and ice, water is also likely to freeze faster and weigh the gutter down. This extra weight can result in your gutters sagging and eventually even detaching from your home. 

Clogged gutters can result in ice dams where water freezes and prevents drainage. This can cause the ice and snow to melt under the shingles of your roof, resulting in stains, mould and leaks. Clean gutters can prevent ice dams from forming.   

Winter weather causes a lot more than water damage

Snow, ice, rains, and debris may clog your gutters can cause structural damage to your home, but there is another reason why cleaning your gutters in the winter is a good idea. Unclean gutters are likely to serve as a breeding ground for pests, especially in the winters during cold temperatures. Dark, decaying places are a hot spot for pests, so you don’t want to end up being at risk of developing illnesses for creating a breeding ground for pests in your home.  

You’ll save on expensive repairs

Eventually, the biggest reason to clean your gutters in the winter apart from just for the health of your home is so that you can save on costs of gutter maintenance in the long run. Without proper gutter cleaning, your home will experience structural damage, mould and mildew build-up, and even provide a breeding ground for pests. The increasing weight of gutters clogged with ice and snow can cause sagging and even result in the gutter becoming detached. All of these will require you to spend a lot on repairs, so if you want to save money in the long run, get your gutter cleaned in the winter.