Gardening Services: 6 Essentials pieces of Equipment

Gardening Equipment

Have you started Gardening as a hobby during the lockdown? Many homeowners don’t like to devote their extra time to maintain the look of their yards. This is because taking responsibility for the garden requires a lot of time and patience. Nevertheless, by having the right garden equipment, you can reduce the effort and time spent on pruning, seeding, and cleaning. Another way of doing this is by hiring a service for garden cleaning Melbourne. Hiring one of the best gardening services will ensure that you have a garden that makes every passerby stop and swoon.

In this article, we will be discussing the essential garden equipment used by homeowners:

Hand Towels

These are among the essential tools for gardening because of the versatility it offers. Through this machine, homeowners can dig, transplant their plants, plant containers, weed out, and turn over their soil. One needs to ensure that the handles feel comfortable in the hand so that they don’t have wrist fatigue. Make sure that your hand trowel has a stainless-steel blade along with inch markings that are used to determine the right depth for planting. It is easy to get this misplaced while hardening, so it’s recommended to purchase one that has a bright handle. This way, it would be spotted from a distance and is useful for gardening services.

Pruning Shears

This is a vital garden tool that can help you in cutting branches, trimming shrubs, and harvesting fruits and vegetables. There is a wide range of hand pruners available in the market that can be used for different gardening tasks. For example, anvil pruners are appropriate for getting rid of deadwood as they can cause damage to fresh plants and branches. Bypass pruners, on the other hand, can be used to cut green plants while minimising the risk of plant injury. Whatever pruning shears your need, it should have excellent cutting strength. If you have low hand strength, the most beneficial alternative for you is the ratcheting pruner. To save yourself some trouble, you can always hire one of the best gardening services.


This is an indispensable cutting tool similar to the pruning shear, except it has a long handle. The length of the handle is about 16 to 36 inches that will enable you to prune your hedging and reach inaccessible areas. It can also remove the diseased branches and cut the thicker ones. When it comes to cutting precision, bypass loopers offer more precision than anvil ones. Depending on the long handles’ weight, you can buy a model with a carbon-composite or aluminium handle. If you hire a company offering garden maintenance Melbourne, they will bring in all the equipment, and you won’t have to worry about buying the right loppers for your garden.

Garden gloves

Many gardeners don’t consider garden gloves as a tool, even though they are very important. By wearing high-quality gloves, you can keep your hands clean and manage to prevent any potential injury that you might have come in contact with through spiky plants and thorny branches. Also, if you have sensitive skin susceptible to eczema, it is advised to wear gloves while working in the backyard. Make sure that you buy the right size as tight models can result in blisters while oversized ones will slip off your hands constantly.

Spades and shovels

When it comes to digging, both spades and shovels are indispensable. A shovel is mainly used to dig holes, mix oil, level the ground, and perform other laborious activities. If the weight of the standard digging shovels is too heavy, you can purchase a lightweight model. Gardening service spades are used to garden beds. It can be used for digging a hole for a new plant while ensuring that there is no damage to the surrounding. It is very convenient for removing deep root systems and transplanting plants.

Leaf blowers

If you like using modern gardening equipment, you will love using this power tool. It is a substitute for rakes that allows you to remove all the leaves and debris within a couple of minutes. You can either go for a backpack or a handheld model. The former is attached to your back using a harness and can be used for cleaning larger areas while the latter is lightweight and used for blowing small areas. Make sure that you buy a versatile model that has attachments for leaf shredding and lawn vacuuming. With the lawn vacuum feature, you will be able to use the suction power to pick up leaves. The leaf shredder will grind the leaves at a tremendous speed to minimise waste. If you hire one of the top gardening services, you won’t have to spend time researching what leaf blower will be the best for you.

If you want to take proper care of your garden, you need to invest in garden equipment. Or, you can simply hire service for garden maintenance Melbourne that will take care of your lawn or garden and ensure that it is well-maintained.