Car Upholstery Cleaning in Melbourne

A professional cleaning car seat.

Car cleaning focuses only on external cleaning. This usually means, even a deep car cleaning may miss out on cleaning one of the most important parts of a car – the upholstery.

After long periods of time, if left exposed and uncleaned your car seating can get damaged by UV rays. For instance, in winters, road salt and water can cause dirty stains. This can leave an uncomfortable mess and that is why Clean Made offers the best car upholstery service in Melbourne.

Benefits of car upholstery cleaning.

Expert cleaning keeps the car interior clean, allergen-free and healthy for occupants. Cleaning removes hidden dirt and dust and unsightly stains from the upholstery material.

Regular upholstery cleaning gets rid of unpleasant odours and keeps interiors fresh. Air fresheners offer temporary relief. As upholstery cleaning is deep and gets rid of dirt and debris completely, it offers more durable relief from bad odour.

Use of the right equipment and the right cleaning method is essential. Otherwise, results will be substandard no matter how much efforts you put in. Knowledge and expertise are crucial to getting upholstery cleaning right.

While DIY upholstery cleaning methods are popular, use of the wrong method or wrong cleaners can damage your interiors. Such damage can be expensive to fix, and sometimes irreparable.

The best way to clean car upholstery is to leave it to the experts – professional car upholstery cleaning services.

How does having a professional car upholstery cleaning service make a difference?

A professional service employs the right cleaning method and equipment

A professional service never employs a one-method-fits-all cleaning. Such a service takes a focused approach depending on several factors, including your vehicle size, interiors, upholstery material, and the type of dirt, debris, and stains involved. Depending on these factors, the cleaner chooses a method that delivers the best results.

Cleaning by a professional usually involves the following steps:

  • Vacuuming is usually the first step to cleaning upholstery. Different attachments are used to ensure a perfect job is completed each time for your home. The upholstered nozzle of the vacuum is used gently yet firmly to achieve the perfect clean.
  • Most companies use floor brushes with vacuum attachments to remove dirt and debris from mats and carpet.
  • A steam cleaner is used for greater efficiency in dirt and stain removal. Areas such as mats and carpets are scrubbed first. Any other stains are removed with a thorough scrubbing.
  • In case of leather upholstery, specialised cleaning products, such as a leather soap and leather cleaner, are used. The technician uses a damp cloth to remove excess soap from cleaned areas.
  • In case of dry leather, the technician uses a conditioner designed for cleaning leather. Use of such conditioners makes cleaning more efficient. Conditioner application also prevents cracking in leather seats.
  • Germs, viruses, and allergens that the upholstery may contain are eliminated using hot steam. Followed by a powerful vacuum cleaning, which removes soiling stains and bacteria efficiently.
  • Wipe off any left over debris by re-vacuuming.
  • Perfuming may be performed at the end of the cleaning process to get rid of any odour within the car cabin.

CleanMade specializes in car upholstery service Melbourne. We offer high-quality cleaning services at affordable prices. Need a business that will offer an affordable and reliable car seat cleaning service provider in Melbourne, then book a service with us. We guarantee brilliant and long-lasting results. 

A professional gives attention to details

Professional service ensures that every part of the car seat is spotlessly clean. The service also ensures that the cleaning process does not damage any other part of the car. A professional never miss out any detail.

A well-trained technician cleans hard-to-reach spaces. In most cases, he or she employs a cleaning method that is efficient, fast, and ensures that dust does not go into air vents.

The cleaner employs specific techniques to access hard-to-reach spaces such as areas underneath the seats. Depending on the car seat model, the cleaner pulls the seats forward to access and clean these areas. In case of detachable seats, the technician removes the seat to give difficult areas a thorough clean.

If our steam cleaning services are used, a professional will ensure that cleaned areas are thoroughly dried to prevent mould formation. With a professional, no space stays uncleaned!

An expert cleaner uses the right cleaning product and method for the seats, which prevents accidental damage to the fabric. For example, you can choose vinyl cleaners for vinyl seats.

A professional service gives stellar results

A professional upholstery cleaning service can make your car seats look like they have just arrived from the factory!

At CleanMade, our experienced technicians can handle upholstery cleaning of any type of vehicle. A visit to our car upholstery service in Melbourne can ensure your car is clean from the inside with minimal disruption to your personal or professional life.

We are a family-owned business that gives you the personal touch of a local business with the efficiency and reach of a wide-spread service provider. Our services are available in all the metropolitan areas of Melbourne.