Solar Panel Cleaning Services: 5 Reason to use them

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels can last for several years without facing any maintenance issues. It is built with a few moving parts and has limited maintenance needs. However, to ensure that it is operating at a peak performance level, you need to provide it with preventative care. With regular checkups from solar panel cleaning services, you can prevent spending a lot of money on repairs.

In this article, we will be providing you with a checklist to ensure that your solar panel system is well-maintained.

1. The buildup of dirt and debris

It is crucial to keep your panel free from obstruction and clean to ensure maximum efficiency. Remove leaves, dust, and snow from your solar array regularly.

The solar panels should be checked monthly to ensure that there are no obstructions or buildup of any kind. If it puts you at the risk of a fall, don’t clean it yourself. Some solar systems are installed at low places that allow removing debris and cleaning possible. All you will need is a snow rake or a long-handled broom. Please read before to make sure that you are not voiding any warranty by using such tools.

If your panels are installed at a higher place or have a warranty limiting rake or broom use, it is best to hire one of the best solar panel cleaning services. These professionals will provide thorough cleaning to your solar panels without damaging them in the process.

2. The roof and rack

Solar panel are installed using roof racks. Rach is a metal structure that carries the panel’s weight and uses sturdy bolt penetrations for holding them to the roof. Before the panels are installed, a complete inspection of the roof will be done to ensure that it is structurally sound enough. However, even with a sound roof, there can be some drainage issues as the materials of the roof degrade naturally over time.

A monthly inspection of roof penetrations is crucial for catching any structural integrity or drainage issue before they get serious. Identifying drainage issues from outside can be difficult, but you will be able to see problems from inside as leaks. Visiting the attic to check for leaky areas under the roof helps.

Another sign of rack failure is a missing bolt. Over time, because of the high wind or the weight of the snow, panels can start loosening. If there is a potential issue, you need to contact a service immediately for the maintenance of solar panels. Solar panels are an electrical system, so you shouldn’t try repairing them yourself.

3. Potential corrosion

Solar panels are built using durable and long-lasting components and are capable of producing electricity for about 25 years. The panels and the rack are made using corrosion-resistant materials. However, over time, corrosion can develop compromising the strength of your solar system components.

At least once a month, you need to check for corrosion in the panels. This way, you will be able to address issues with the hardware of the system before there is a serious breakdown. As with the other points on the list, call your solar panel installer for any repairs or component replacements and ensuring the right maintenance of solar panels.

4. Broken glass

Your solar panels contain silicon wafers that are covered using durable tempered glass capable of withstanding a lot of punishment. It is strong enough to face even hailstorms. However, a bad storm or fallen tree branches can break the panels and compromise the output of your system.

If you see any broken panels, call a service for professional cleaning Melbourne to replace the section.

5. Faulty wiring

All solar systems have a component called an inverter that produces the alternating current used in the electrical system of your home from the direct current produced by the panels. Each individual panel is connected to a single string inverter that results in several potential failure points before the electricity can reach your appliances.

Diagnosing faulty wiring can be difficult. In some cases, you might see a visual indication like a broken connection or a snapped worse, although this does not always happen. Thankfully, there are ways of diagnosing the system. Modern solar systems have real-time production tracking through an app or a web portal. By using this technology, you can check whether your array is underperforming or not.

Some solar panel cleaning services provide regular maintenance inspections. To increase your solar installation’s longevity, you need a comprehensive annual checkup. The professional cleaning Melbourne service has required expertise for finding and addressing issues. With a comprehensive checkup plan, you can rest assured knowing that your panels are working at maximum efficiency.