5 Benefits of Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

With the world becoming more interested in renewable resources of energy, there has been an increase in the use of solar panels cleaning services in different sectors across the world. Whether it’s a commercial site or a residential complex, more individuals today are opting for solar energy.

Solar panels help to convert the light from the sun into power through the use of solar cells. Choosing this environmentally friendly option is great, but it’s also important to remember that you will have to account for solar panel cleaning to maintain the condition of your panels. Here are five good reasons why you should avail solar panel cleaning services from the experts.     

You won’t have bird poop on it

If your solar panels are positioned close to trees, they will most likely attract loose leaves as well as birds. With more birds frequenting the area where your panels are placed, you’re likely to see more droppings on the surface of panels. Any such droppings will act as hindrances to solar energy by reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches solar cells. Because of this reduction, there will also be a smaller amount of energy generated from the panels. The droppings will serve as blockers and prevent the panels from functioning at their optimum performance.    

You can get leaves, water, and dust off with proper solar panel cleaning

It is normal for solar panels to accumulate water, leaves, and dust over time. Especially if they are flat panels where there is no possibility of the water running down. While a speck of dust or a small amount of dirt will not pose a problem for solar panels in the short run, its long term costs definitely require some concern. These act as sun blockers and will prevent sunlight from entering the solar cells. This will result in reduced energy output and poorer panel performance over time. You won’t benefit from the energy savings and return on investment that you would have projected this way.   

Cleaning will make your solar panels more efficient

When you make use of solar panel cleaning services, you can ensure your panels are in the best shape to receive as much sunlight as possible. This helps it to be converted into energy. Without any dust, leaves, or bird droppings interfering with the amount of sunlight being converted by your solar panels, the efficiency of the panel’s functioning is increased by 25% to 30%, depending on how dirty your panels were, to begin with. With greater efficiency of operation, you get more for your money’s worth and can benefit from energy savings.        

It does something rainwater can’t do

If you’re thinking that opting for a sloped panel instead of a flat panel will save you the trouble of calling solar panel cleaning experts, think again. You may wonder what the big deal is when rainwater can just wash off any dirt on sloped panels. The truth, however, is that rainwater can’t clean your panels the way solar panel cleaning experts can.

For starters, droppings from birds harden over time and aren’t likely to come off just with rainwater. While it is true that rainwater can get rid of a lot of dirt from your panel, the difference lies in the finer details. Rainwater itself contains airborne dust particles that can attach to the surface of your solar panel. So soon as the water evaporates or runs off. Even these fine dust particles can reduce the efficiency of your panel’s functioning while offering a much lesser energy output.           

Cleaning can bring issues to your attention

You aren’t likely to examine your solar panels regularly during the normal course of a day. There may be damages and structural issues with the panels that you aren’t aware of. Solar panel cleaning doesn’t just help you keep your panels clean so that they function more efficiently; it can also bring to your attention any issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. While you may not be an expert at identifying and resolving issues with your solar panels, there are experts available who will make the task easier for you.

Besides these benefits, you also get to have a panel that looks good, and that’s worth spending on!